Thursday, June 22, 2017

I was on Real Atheology Episode 11 - On God and Ethics

So last weekend I got to appear on the Real Atheology Podcast hosted by Justin Schieber and Ben Watkins.  We discussed the moral argument and my last set of videos, as well as some additional objections to the argument. 

It was an absolute blast and I was thrilled to be on the show.  I really encourage you to give it a listen and to check out the rest of the Real Atheology catalog.

You can listen to the MP3 on their website or watch it on their YouTube channel which I've embedded here.


  1. Where's the article where Craig says Modified Divine Command Theory derives and ought from an is?

    1. Skadoosh:

    2. That's not really an ought from an is. He gets the ought "you should do X" from "God said to do X." But that only works with the added premise "You should listen to God" which he derives from the deeper out "you should listen to authorities." He doesn't derive that deeper ought from any "is" facts. It's just a necessary truth about normativity. If he thinks that fact is just a fact about Gods nature, then it converts back from an ought to an is and loses its normative force

  2. Really good discussion in this podcast. I'm happy to have come by your blog as a result.
    - Ozy

  3. How is an infinite regress of divine commands supposed to create an obligation to obey God, even if it's nonviscious? Even if each command is supported by another command, this shouldn't matter to me unless I care about God's commands to begin with. By analogy, Craig often say that even if the universe is infinite, such that each moment is causally explained by the previous moment, this still doesn't explain why there is a universe to begin with. Similarly, even if each command is explained by a prior command, this still doesn't explain why we should obey God's commands *to begin with*