Friday, October 22, 2021

Countering Frank Turek's Dishonesty, Pop Apologetics About Sex, and Diet Presuppositionalism


A new impromptu video! 

Capturing Christianity released a video with popular level Christian apologist Frank Turek that was so bad I felt it needed to be responded to immediately.

You can watch the original video here.

Please bear with me in this video as it's my first time attempting to do some live playback and commentary.

Unfortunately as a result of the impromptu nature of this video, I do not have a transcript.

Also I'm adding a pre-emptive correction that came after recording: Frank's book released in 2014, so this isn't a book tour to cover for a lost one during the pandemic. Frank and Cameron were just doing product placement.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Gun Politics: Terrible Arguments for Gun Control in the Supreme Court NYSRPA v Bruen Case

(Note: What follows below is a transcript of the video)

So this is going to be a big divergence from the normal sort of topics that I cover on this channel. Today I’m going to talk about gun politics in the upcoming Supreme Court case New York State Rifle and Pistol Association vs. Bruen. If you were expecting any philosophy of religion here, I’m afraid you’ll have to move on. If you want to hear about gun-control arguments that are so bad they rival the sort of drivel that you’d hear from a Young Earth Creationist or Anti-Evolution apologist, then strap in! I’d appreciate it if you let me know how you feel about non-philosophy of religion videos on my channel in the comments.

If you hadn’t been able to guess from my normal videos or my twitter feed, I’m pretty liberal, but actual people don’t line up perfectly with their parties. I’m a pro-gun liberal who still largely votes Democrat because on the total balance of issues, they suit my priorities best. This is just like a conservative who would support increased taxes on the rich and corporations, but votes Republican because of culture issues.  However the issue has become more acute for me in the last year and a half when I became a gun owner because of the pandemic and I’ve become more interested in second amendment politics.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Countering Plantinga's Reformed Epistemology & Randal Rauser's Apologetic


(Note: What follows is a transcription of the video)

In this video I’m going to be responding to both Alvin Plantinga’s Reformed Epistemology as well as Randal Rauser’s wider apologetic effort, with particular emphasis on his new book ‘Jesus Loves Canaanites’. While these two topics seem disconnected, Randal is an ardent and capable defender of Plantinga’s Reformed Epistemology and I believe his wider apologetic effort reveals a problem for both his apologetic and Plantinga’s properly basic belief system.

We will begin with Randal’s apologetic. Randal is far from your average internet apologist that merely knows the ins and outs of the various families of theistic philosophical arguments. What makes Randall so interesting is that I think he correctly identifies the key contemporary problems that are driving people away from the Christian church in the US, EU, and Canada.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Reflections on the Resurrection Argument w/ Randal and Robert

Last year after publishing my Countering the Resurrection video I participated in an informal discussion/debate with one of my favorite Christian apologists, Randal Rauser to discuss it. We were on Robert White’s YouTube channel and had a very friendly discussion.

Looking back on it, I appreciate both Randal and Robert’s time and I wanted to recount areas of the discussion where I think there were mistakes in points they or myself brought up, and to reflect on how I’d revise things in light of the good faith criticism I received in the discussion. 

With Easter being around the corner, I figured now would be a good time to finally get moving to produce something to help strengthen my argument against their objections. 

If you want to watch the hour long discussion you can view it here.

Monday, November 2, 2020

An Interview with Elephant Philosophy


A few weeks ago I came across a theistic YouTube channel named Elephant Philosophy and I really came to appreciate his approach even though we disagree. His video on how his views changed seemed almost exactly like my journey except he started as an atheist and then ended up as a Christian theist. He really focuses deeply on the latest in philosophy of religion and I knew I would love to sit and have a chat about our respective journeys. You can check out his great channel here.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Arguments when I was a Believer

 So I woke up this morning and saw this tweet in my feed that prompted enough thought in me (and the fact that it's a quiet Sunday morning and the kids are playing nicely) that I decided to write on the topic.

This is a very interesting question! I started to think about it and it made me realize that there weren't any explicit arguments that had me believing. There certainly were some that I was effectively indoctrinated with that aimed to reinforce my faith in a bubble, but nothing like the arguments I'm intimately familiar with now. I also distinctly recall being entirely unimpressed with apologetic arguments when taking a "evangelism training" seminar/class at my church. 

 So lets get into the specifics here.