Monday, December 5, 2016

I'm in a book again! "Did God Create the Universe from Nothing?" by Jonathan M.S. Pearce

I'm very proud to say that I contributed a chapter to another book by Jonathan Pearce and Dr. James East.

This lovely book provides quite the response to the Kalam Cosmological Argument.  My contribution was related to Craig's inconsistencies in applying science to the philosophy of time, but Jonathan has an very broad set of objections to the argument.

It was even good enough to warrant a foreword by Jeffrey Jay Lowder, one of the OG's of Internet Atheism.

You can purchase a virtual or physical copy of the book here from Amazon. It definitely would make a nice stocking stuffer for any infidels this holiday season.


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    1. Sorry for not seeing this comment until a bit late. This is a very interesting point, and I wasn't aware of Craig's position on the issue.

      I'd agree that it seems Craig's position is ridiculous given his commitment to presentism as the only part of time that "exists".

      This seems to be a pretty good objection to his position, though I'd probably need to read into the details of his view to see what kind of a case could be made.

      FWIW, my inclination towards the B-Theory is almost entirely due to relativity.

      Thanks for the info!