Thursday, October 6, 2016

An Atheistic Master Class Video on Counter Apologetics

Not too long ago I posted about cheering on Jeff Lowder in his debate with Christian apologist Frank Turek. The debate hasn't been made available yet, but Jeff had prepared so much material for the debate that he knew he couldn't fit it all in.  

Not wanting his work to go to waste, Jeff took the slides he created and then created a nearly two hour and thirty minute video going through all of the material refuting Frank Turek's book "Stealing from God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case".  

Jeff hits at least twenty arguments in this video, and he hits them hard.  He also exposes quote mined texts used by apologists of biologists and atheist philosophers by showing where the quotes are being used in a misleading way (ie. James Rachels), or where the quotes aren’t relevant or are cherry picked (ie. Richard Dawkins).

While the material here is based on Turek's book, it's really a complete walk through of philosophically rigorous refutations to the kind of arguments you'll hear from just about any apologist. 

This video is an Atheistic Master Class in how to answer apologetics. If you want to learn how you should respond to arguments, then you need to watch this. 

The main problem is that this is an extremely comprehensive and rigorous video.  As such, I took the time to go through and provide an outline of what is covered and where it is in the video so that you can digest it in bite sized chunks if you wanted.

Stealing from God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case - See more at:

The first 10 Minutes are a run through Jeff’s "VICTIM" arguments showing that Value, Induction, Causality, Time, Information & Intentionality, Morality are assumed by Christian apologetics, not explained by it.

After that Jeff switches to answering the arguments put forward in Turek's book. Below is the argument being answered, the time stamp, and a link to that point in the video.

Responses to apologetic arguments

  1. Causality/Kalam – 10:43 -
  2. Causality/Fine Tuning – 28:55 -
  3. Reason/Laws of Logic – 34:28 -
  4. Reason/Applicability of Math – 45:04 -
  5. Reason/Free Will – 54:37 -
  6. Information/Origin of Life – 1:02:19 -
  7. Information/Epigenetic Information (ie. argument against naturalistic evolution) – 1:20:58 -
  8. Information/Intentionality – 1:23:15 -
  9. Morality – 1:23:45 -
  10. Morality/Implications of Atheist Morality – 1:51:31 -
  11. Morality/Laws requiring Law Giver – 2:01:37 -
  12. Evil – 2:02:43 -
  13. Evil/Examples of Apologetics committing the Fallacy of Understated Evidence – 2:06:43 -
  14. Science/Science Presupposing God – 2:16:10 -

Overall the video is fantastic. It has some audio level issues, but in terms of content it is completely spot on.  

Bravo Jeff!

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