Saturday, February 12, 2022

Debunking William Lane Craig's Apologetics

In these ad lib videos I counter some apologetics from William Lane Craig.  The first video goes over how his clarifications on objective in terms of moral values and duties ends up proving his meta-ethical theory is self referentially incoherent.

The second covers how his apologetics about why we weren't created in heaven directly, as we'd expect if a tri-omni god existed, is just a terrible answer.


New Videos Debunking Miracles

I've found a new process for myself that lets me make some quick videos that can still get good points across. The downside is that I haven't spent a long time writing a script I can just put up as a blog post. 

However I've spent some time making videos about miracles and my thought experiment of empirically verifiable miracles - so please enjoy if you haven't seen them already. 

Thursday, December 2, 2021

What Evidence do I have for Atheism?


Cameron from Capturing Christianity had "3 Sincere Questions for Atheists" video and since I already had something written up to address the meatiest question he had, I figured I'd put out a quick response.

The main question is "What Evidence do you have for your atheism?".

You can view Cameron's original video here.

Sorry there's no transcript for this one as I added a bit along with what I had originally written.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Countering Frank Turek's Dishonesty, Pop Apologetics About Sex, and Diet Presuppositionalism


A new impromptu video! 

Capturing Christianity released a video with popular level Christian apologist Frank Turek that was so bad I felt it needed to be responded to immediately.

You can watch the original video here.

Please bear with me in this video as it's my first time attempting to do some live playback and commentary.

Unfortunately as a result of the impromptu nature of this video, I do not have a transcript.

Also I'm adding a pre-emptive correction that came after recording: Frank's book released in 2014, so this isn't a book tour to cover for a lost one during the pandemic. Frank and Cameron were just doing product placement.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Gun Politics: Terrible Arguments for Gun Control in the Supreme Court NYSRPA v Bruen Case

(Note: What follows below is a transcript of the video)

So this is going to be a big divergence from the normal sort of topics that I cover on this channel. Today I’m going to talk about gun politics in the upcoming Supreme Court case New York State Rifle and Pistol Association vs. Bruen. If you were expecting any philosophy of religion here, I’m afraid you’ll have to move on. If you want to hear about gun-control arguments that are so bad they rival the sort of drivel that you’d hear from a Young Earth Creationist or Anti-Evolution apologist, then strap in! I’d appreciate it if you let me know how you feel about non-philosophy of religion videos on my channel in the comments.

If you hadn’t been able to guess from my normal videos or my twitter feed, I’m pretty liberal, but actual people don’t line up perfectly with their parties. I’m a pro-gun liberal who still largely votes Democrat because on the total balance of issues, they suit my priorities best. This is just like a conservative who would support increased taxes on the rich and corporations, but votes Republican because of culture issues.  However the issue has become more acute for me in the last year and a half when I became a gun owner because of the pandemic and I’ve become more interested in second amendment politics.